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Transforming an undecorated basement into a stylish living space is not as difficult as some may think. In fact, with a few inexpensive interior designs techniques, you can have your basements shining in no time. However, be sure to make all necessary repairs to existing problem areas (insulation, drywall, waterproofing) before tackling the interior design.

Basement Lighting

The first area of design that you want to focus on with a basement is the lighting scheme. Most basements are known for being dark, gloomy environments. Unless you plan to turn your basement into a movie theater or photography studio, light is the way to liven up the atmosphere. Certain basements are equipped with windows to the outside. Taking this natural light and letting as much of it in as possible is a great start. Use simple window treatments instead of treatments that block out light.

If natural light isn’t available in your basement, using artificial light is also a wonderful way to open up the room. Placing lights on the ceiling will create the illusion that the room is larger and more open. To keep a warm setting in your basement, consider using floor and table lights.

Finishing Your Basement

Aside from lighting, bringing color to your basement will definitely bring it back to life. You want to be sure to stay away from dull, boring colors. The best way to make your basement look inviting is to integrate bright, dramatic colors. Some ideas include blue, green, yellow, red, orange, and purple. For the best coloring scheme, you may want to hire an interior decorator that can take your favorite colors and use unique design techniques to compliment your style.

Last but not least, you want to accessorize! The basement can be made to feel like a comfortable, safe haven. Take that comfort and security and use it to your utmost benefit by incorporating your favorite things. Maybe music and movies are your cherished past times. If so, bring that entertainment system downstairs. Perhaps your family enjoys game nights, or you have children that need a play room. Try adding a pool table, card table, or miniature kid kingdom!

This is also the time to decorate walls with your favorite artwork and accessorize tables with loved pictures and collectables. Also, try making a clear distinction between the areas of the basement where you will be entertaining, and the area where you will be storing your belongings. Separate storage rooms, closets and shelves are recommended for optimal use of space.

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Basement remodeling is a great investment. You'll want to make sure you are choosing the right basement remodeler for your house and your budget. We offer Free Basement Remodeling Price Quotes from local basement remodeling contractors.

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Basement Remodeling Preparation

Preparing For Basement Remodeling
Basement remodels require you to plan ahead and prepare for your contractors to be moving things in and out of your lower level. The stairwell, entrance way and storage area are the three main areas to focus on. Contractors need to be able to easily get from their truck and into your basement as they are carrying heavy loads of materials and equipment.

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Planning Your Basement Remodel

Planning Your Basement Remodel
As you may have heard plenty of times before, “planning ahead” is definitely the most crucial step to a remodeling project. Homeowners that go into a home remodeling project ill-prepared and unaware usually end up dealing with higher costs in job quality, later due dates, higher project costs and a major headache. Needless to say, the planning/permitting process, and negotiating construction start dates are hard to fit into the same building season unless you plan ahead!

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Working With Basement Remodeling Contractors

Hiring a Basement Remodeler
Basement remodeling contractors are a little different from other contractors that you may hire. First of all, they are typically hired to make an enhancement to your home, as opposed to most contractors that are hired to correct problems or perform maintenance. It’s usually exciting to have a basement contractor working on your home because you can anticipate your living space becoming bigger and better.

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